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Have rodents made their way into your home?

Discovering rats or mice inside your own property is always a disturbing surprise. Until they’re out, you’re at risk for diseases, contaminated foods, and damage deep within your home’s walls and crawl spaces. With Got Bugs, restoring the state of your comfort and peace of mind has never been easier.

Rodent Control

Atlanta is consistently ranked among the top cities for rodent infestations in the country. Our rodent control will turn your infestation into a thing of the past through efficient removal techniques and fast response by the area’s most experienced technicians. 

Total Elimination--Guaranteed

The elusive habits of rodents earn them rank among the most challenging pests to eliminate in America. Repellents, oils, and DIY entry point plugs wear over time, and they don’t do away with the root of the problem. With Got Bugs, you can completely skip the disappointment of homemade or store-bought rodent control solutions. Our methods of trapping, catching, and removing the rodents from your property are capable of addressing full-blown infestations. Even the ones hidden inside the walls. Why guess whether the rodents are gone, when you can know for sure?

Smarter Tactics Against Rats and Mice

The adaptability of rodents to various methods of elimination make them extremely challenging to exterminate. Got Bugs professional elimination services work - and we have thousands of rodent-free happy homeowners in the area to prove it. We use a strategically timed and personalized combination of:

  • Snap traps
  • Glue boards
  • Integrated Pest Management techniques

Your technician will catch every rodent on the property - guaranteed. Our knowledge of rodent activity in Georgia, years of experience, and reliable methods make our rodent control the fastest solution to return your home to safety.

Our Rodent Control Packages

Got Bugs? Ultimate

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Why Choose Got Bugs?

With more than 20 years of combined experience, Got Bugs’ technicians and leadership team have grown into one of the most successful pest control companies in the area. Because we approach each case carefully and personally, you get personalized, safe services that actually work. You can rely on us to detect, catch, and remove every rodent - even the elusive ones - from your home. 

We service the following areas and more in Georgia:

Protect your home and family from rodents.

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