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Tips to Plan the Perfect Outdoor 4th of July Party

Between festivals, fireworks, and public events, the Fourth of July is never short on activities. Some of the best times can be had without even leaving the comfort of your own home! For a great, inexpensive celebration on Independence Day, why not host your very own party in your backyard. Simply invite your family and friends and follow these tips for the perfect outdoor Independence Day Party!

DIY Decor 

Never underestimate the power of a little creativity. The best Independence Day decorations come from the heart and are easily made with just a few items that you likely already have around the house. Arrange red, white, and blue plastic cups in a table display for guests to serve drinks in. Or, get the kids involved and have them make flags out of paper to hang up around your yard. You can even make paper flowers out of tissue paper in festive colors fit for the occasion!

Have Food that Fits the Mood

Independence Day is the all-American holiday, which calls for some all-American eats! But you can go even further than just hamburgers and hot dogs! Hollow out a watermelon and use it as a serving bowl for fresh fruit. Make small skewers of mozzarella balls and grape tomatoes as an appetizer or skewers of strawberries, bananas, and blueberries for a patriotic snack. For dessert, bring out the apple pie, or for a cooler option, serve strawberry shortcake!

Keep the Time in Mind

There is nothing worse than a party that starts too early or too late. Be sure that when you are planning your celebration, you keep the demographics of your guest list in mind. For guests that will have young children, an afternoon get together may be more suitable. If your guests will mostly be adults, make it an evening soiree, and finish off the evening watching a fireworks display.

Have a Plan to Beat the Bugs!

Independence Day unfortunately falls smack in the middle of summer, and that means mosquitoes will be out in full swing in the Atlanta area. They are likely to become uninvited guests at your shin-dig if you don’t have a plan in place. Consider special event mosquito control solutions to be sure that your guests don’t get bitten during your party. Stop the itching and help everyone have a great, bug-free time. 

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