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The Most Annoying Pests to Watch Out for in Spring

Spring has arrived in Georgia. While most people are excited for warmer weather and longer days, this season also brings annoying pests and insects into our homes and lawns. Here are a few pests to be on the lookout for this spring.


As a Georgia homeowner, you should be on the lookout for signs of termites. Termites begin to swarm in early Spring, typically when the temperatures rise to the mid-seventies. Termites swarm to create new colonies with other termites at the same level of maturity. You may not see an actual swarm, but be on the lookout for small piles of wings. This may indicate that a termite colony has invaded your home. 1 in 5 homes in the Southeast are affected by termites -- don’t become a statistic! 

Stink Bugs

Although stink bug infestations typically occur in the fall, stink bugs become particularly active in the spring as the weather begins to get warmer. Stink bugs pose no real threat to humans, but their large size and unpleasant odor make them an unwelcome visitor in most homes.To keep stink bugs from entering your home, seal possible entryways such as torn screens and damaged weatherstripping.


Warm weather is when the ants start to come marching in -- and unfortunately, they may be marching straight into your home. Ants look for shelter from the hot sun and spring rains, and the best kind of shelter has easy access to a water resource and a bountiful supply of food. Once ants discover that reliable shelter they are likely to continue to return to it. You can combat infestations by keeping your home clean and free from crumbs and excess water sources that ants can feed off of. You can also seal possible entryways.


Wasps may be the most painful insects you’ll encounter this spring. In the springtime, overwintering queens search for a new place to build their nest. They typically build in places like your porch, deck, garage eaves, or even in your walls and attic. The best way to protect your home and family from these stinging pests is to use a professional pest management company to ensure you are safely and efficiently ridding your home of wasps. 

Be on the lookout for pests like these (and others!) that may get in the way of your springtime fun. 

Don't let pests ruin your fun!

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