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Cockroach Control Tips and Tricks


Since cockroaches are one of the most prolific insects on the planet and considered to be one of the most successful creatures with a history tracing as far back as 300 million years, it’s no wonder that roaches are one of the biggest pest problems. The pest exterminators at Got Bugs discuss approaches to roach removal that may help you deal with a problematic presence in your lovely abode.

Inspect All Items Coming Into Your Home

Roaches often make their way into homes via used furniture, food items, and shipping cartons. Before bringing anything into your home, inspect it for an insect presence. This can prevent you from transporting these pests into your home and make your efforts more effective.

Make Your Home Inhospitable for Roaches

When roaches move in, they look for any area where food, water, and shelter are freely available. Roaches are most commonly found in:

  • Areas with plumbing
  • Damp basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens

You can make these areas less hospitable by ensuring that entryways are sealed, leaks are fixed, and food items are not left inaccessible areas. Remember that roaches will eat anything they can glean nutrients from, and this can include grease, cotton, wool, cardboard, and wallpaper glue.

Keep Your Home Clean

There is a reason roaches are often associated with squalor! Dirty dishes are a roaches best source for food. Carpets that are not regularly vacuumed are a safe area to lay eggs. Open and exposed food containers are also great sources for roach feasts. It may seem like common sense, but it is important you keep your home nice and tidy to keep roaches at bay.

Avoid Sprays and Bombs

Over-the-counter bombs and sprays often kill a few visible roaches, but these solutions can lead to long-term problems. Yes, the sprays and bombs may repel roaches, but it can also cause roaches to retreat deeper into walls and areas in your home that may make it tougher to eliminate them. Instead, look to natural solutions such as placing diatomaceous earth in areas where roaches travel. Diatomaceous earth slices a roach’s exoskeleton causing death to occur in as little as 12 hours.

When it comes to roach control, Got Bugs has got you covered. Our staff of pest control exterminators is trained to uncover roach hiding places and breeding grounds. We can help you eradicate these pesky insects as fast as possible!

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