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Don’t Gamble with Your Atlanta Home Purchase


If you are purchasing a new home, request a professional Termite Inspection from a licensed pest management company. If you don’t it could cost you thousands of dollars.

As long as I’ve been in the pest management industry, these inspections have been required to complete a real estate transaction. Recently, changes were made to the Standard Georgia Real Estate Contract making these all too valuable inspections discretionary. It’s a Buyer Beware contract.

A large number of the homes purchased in Atlanta today are by transplants from other areas of the country. They are not aware that because of our humid southern climate, Georgia is one of the most highly infested termite and wood destroying insect states in the nation. Every year termites cost Georgians tens of millions of dollars in damages, repairs and control cost.

Don’t let this happen to you. Have a professional pest management company inspect your new home prior to closing. The cost of this inspection is negligible compared to finding out you have an infestation after the fact.

Be sure your home is termite free.

Learn about our Atlanta termite treatments.