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Kid and Pet Friendly Pest Control Options


Opting for a kid and pet-friendly pest control treatment is ideal to keep your little one and four-legged companions safe. Evaluating whether a treatment option is okay requires examining a few aspects of the program. Read on to learn about how to ensure your pest control is safe for the entire family.

Ensure Products are Safe

Generally speaking, pest control products available have become so advanced that they pose no threat to people or pets. However, you’ll want to ensure this is the case with your pest control professional. The most up-to-date products are applied in low concentrations but are still effective at eradicating insects from your home.

Professional Application

Even though today’s pest control products are safer than ever, at the end of the day, they’re still a chemical. Only a professional who’s certified in the application and science of pest control treatments should be executing these treatments on your property. While a droplet size application may not remain in the air long enough for exposure, an improperly sized application or an application to a high-exposure area for children and pets could potentially cause issues. Safeguard yourself against any risks by ensuring your pest control company’s technicians are trained and certified.

Careful Technicians

For ultimate protection, a caring technician who treats your home like it’s their own ensures the highest level of safety for your children and pets. Don’t opt into a cheaper pest control program or treatment without assurance that the technicians are trustworthy and genuinely care about your situation. Find a company whose experts are open and willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding safety.

Safe Cumming Pest Control Services

Got-Bugs offers the most personalized pest services. We genuinely care about your situation and take the time to get to know your family, pets, and children. We make it a priority to make sure they’re completely free from harm both during and after treatment. Our careful application in cracks and crevices is to limit both human and pet contact. In our initial consultation and on treatment day, we’ll gladly explain to you in detail why our products and top-of-the-line applications are the safest on the market.

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