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Home for the Holidays: How to Avoid Pests with Your Christmas Decorations

It’s that wonderful time of year again! You’re probably planning to pull out those holiday decorations that you packed up last year, but there are a few things you may want to keep in mind before bringing them back into your home and unloading. These can be a hazardous holiday debacle if pests have infiltrated your tinsel and twine. Here’s how to avoid losing your holiday cheer over armies of invading pests that may be using your holiday décor as a modern-day Trojan horse!

Unpack holiday decorations with care

Remember that pests like areas that stay undisturbed over long periods of time. Unfortunately, your Christmas decorations meet those exact qualifications. When you’re unpacking your decorations, be sure to inspect each item carefully for signs of pests. You may want to initially unpack the boxes outdoors, so you don’t accidently bring them into your house.

Shake out garlands, wreaths, & trees outside

Garlands, wreaths, and trees are excellent nesting places for spiders, rodents, and insects. These pests could be hiding out in these items, so you may want to shake these items out before bringing them inside. Also, if you’ve bought a fresh tree, you may have pests nesting in the boughs. It is best to have a look before bringing one in to ensure that spiders or other nasty beasties aren’t along for the ride.

Use heavy duty plastic containers for storage

Heavy duty plastic containers with airtight lids are the best containers to store your holiday décor. It may be tempting to use the cardboard containers you already have, but plastic containers are harder for pests to infiltrate. Plastic containers also protect your valuable Christmas ornaments and decorations while these items are being stored!

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Are you facing pest problems this holiday season?

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