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How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

One of the best ways to decorate your home is to go local when it comes to holiday décor. You’ll find an abundant source of ideas and supplies at local venues, craft fairs, bazaars, and more. You’ll be able to showcase your local pride when out of town visitors arrive. Your local décor will also be an excellent conversation starter with your holiday guests.

Get Your Christmas Tree Locally

Forsyth County has numerous Christmas tree farms. You won’t have to go without a real tree this holiday season. The sheer number of choices available to local families is enormous. Venues like Big John’s, Bottoms Christmas Tree Farm, and Kinsey Family Farm all welcome the general public for Christmas Tree Selection. Trees of all sizes are available, so you’re sure to find a tree to fit right in to your holiday décor.

Light Up the Night with Holiday Lights

You haven’t really decorated for the holidays if you don’t put up holiday lights. If the wires are frayed or damaged, you might need to replace them for safety reasons. You can find all sorts of holiday lights at local merchants, as well as light display ideas that will make your décor the envy of the neighborhood. If you’re not up to dealing with Christmas lights, you may want to try visiting the Blink Midwinter Light Show. This light show lasts until January 1st and is perfect for busy homeowners who just don’t have time to put up holiday lights.

Get interesting and unique items you might not be able to find anywhere else. Shop at local craft fairs, bazaars, and shops to create a unique look for the holidays. Your house will be the talk of the town when you make use of local items and themes to spruce up your holiday décor. While everyone else is using cookie cutter decorations they procured at the local department store, you’ll be a step ahead of everyone else with your original décor purchased from local merchants and artisans.

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