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How to Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Summer

If there is one thing an expert will tell you about pest control right now, it is that pests are clearly are not planning on vacating the area any time soon! As a homeowner, keeping your residence comfortable and safe means keeping pests out. This is not always the easiest thing to do - especially in the summertime when they are running rampant. Though it is impossible to 100% guarantee that no pest will cross over into your home, there are certain things you can do to not provoke them. Here are some tips that will help keep your home pest-free this summer!

1. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

We cannot stress this enough - keeping your kitchen clean is essential! If you do not, you provide a feast for pests by leaving your kitchen dirty with crumbs, unsealed containers, and more. Clean dishes and cooking areas immediately after use to remove crumbs and food residue. Place any leftovers in tightly sealed containers, and be sure there is no open food sitting in the pantry. No attractants mean better chances at keeping them away.

2. Check Your Home's Foundation

Tall grass, untrimmed shrubs and trees, and piles of debris around your home’s foundation can be potential nesting spots for pests. Remove debris from in and around your home, such as piles of leaves or garbage, to ensure you are not giving them a place to settle. We also recommend you trim your ornamentals regularly during the summer to keep bugs away.

3. Seal Cracks

One of the most important factors to consider is making sure all cracks in your home are sealed. A quick trip to the hardware store for caulk could save you from the great discomfort of an infestation down the road. Most bugs can enter through spaces thinner than a piece of paper.  For stronger indoor pest control, seal gaps in windows, doors, or floorboards. Some cracks are so small that they may not even be noticeable to the average person, but a professional pest control expert is trained to find them and seal them.

Save yourself from the headache of a pest infestation this summer and employ these preventative measures before summer pests get the chance to settle in!

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