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How to Prevent Cockroaches in Your Home

Roaches are the subject of many calls that pest professionals have to deal with on a daily basis. Keeping these pests away is not an easy task, especially if the people you live near are not as neat as you are. Preventing cockroaches takes about as much hard work as it does to eliminate them. Here are some tips and tricks you can employ to prevent cockroaches from invading your home!

Let them eat cake…somewhere else!

You may wish you had the ability to order your roaches to the guillotine, but you can make their stay in your home less pleasant by keeping the place spic and span. If food is nowhere to be found, the roaches won’t be as interested in staying - and you can have your cake and eat it too, as long as you sweep up the crumbs! Also, keep in mind that freestanding pet food receptacles can also be a source of food for roaches. It is better to keep pet food off the floor and counters when your pet isn’t eating.

Water, water everywhere…not a drop to drink

Kitchens and bathrooms can be problem areas when it comes to roaches. Both places have easy access to water, and cockroaches are often attracted to damp spaces. Sources of standing water should be eliminated or your efforts at effective cockroach control may not be fruitful. Roaches, like most living creatures, need water to survive. If you correct any leaks within your home and get rid of their water source, they are likely to look elsewhere for living quarters.

Roll up the red carpet on roaches

You should remove the welcome mat from your home by closing off cracks, nooks, and crannies. You’ll have to caulk these holes up to prevent roaches from gaining access. Even if you do get rid of your roaches, chances are they will probably search for a habitable place nearby. If roaches can find a way in, they’ll get in - and sometimes, when you’ve sealed off every possible entry point, these pests still find their way inside.

The truth of the matter is that roaches are pretty determined pests. Most pest control efforts center around aggressive prevention strategies since roaches are so stubborn. Regular inspections can help detection efforts since you may not always see a roach scurrying around, even if they’re well established. For assistance with getting rid of - and staying rid of - roaches, let the experienced professionals at Got Bugs handle it.