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Best Ways to Protect Your Children From Mosquitoes

Mosquito control is an important part of keeping children in the area safe. Mosquito bites are not just itchy and bothersome, they can also transmit dangerous illnesses like West Nile virus. Mosquitoes are at their peak in the summer seasons, so it is important to protect your children this summer to ensure their safety from these pesky pests.  Got Bugs offers the following tips to empower parents against these problem bugs.

Enough is Enough

More isn’t always the best option when it comes to protecting your child from mosquito bites. In fact, you should only apply enough insect repellent to cover your child’s exposed skin. Lathering on large amounts of repellent is unnecessary and not beneficial to your child’s overall health.

Use Caution

Your mosquito control efforts should involve using products with 30 percent concentrations of DEET - the most common active ingredient in insect repellents. Do not use products with higher concentrations. It is also important you do not use DEET products along with sunscreen since sunscreen has to be reapplied, and this is not healthy. Infants under two months of age should never be exposed to DEET.

Watch the Eyes

Young children are prone to touching their faces and putting their hands near their eyes, nose, and mouth. Never use DEET repellents near the eyes, nose, or mouth. If applying the product around the ears, use lightly.

Stay Covered

One of the best and safest ways for effective mosquito control is to prevent mosquitoes from ever getting the chance to make the initial bite. You’ll want to dress your child comfortably, but covering arms and legs will help prevent mosquitoes from having easy access to your child’s skin.

Timing is Everything

Children should play at times when mosquitoes are not as active. Mosquitoes are out in full force at dusk, dawn, and early evening. If possible, let your children go outside and play in the early to late afternoon. The later they are playing outside, the greater the chance they have of getting bit.

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