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Tips for Throwing a Successful Outdoor Party!

It’s that wonderful time of year; the days are longer, school is out for summer, and everybody wants to be outdoors! If you are hoping to host an outdoor bash this year, there is something you may want to address ­- and it’s not food, drinks, activities, invites, or decorations... it’s pests. Keep your party exclusive to your guests by keeping mosquitoes out. Here are some tips for throwing a successful, pest-­free party in the summer! 

Repellents and Candles 

Hardware stores and even supermarkets sell mosquito repellents that will help without breaking the bank. Consider purchasing candles or tiki torches. The smoke repels mosquitoes, flies, and other flying pests. Not to mention they actually add a rather nice touch to the feel of the party, especially once the sun has set.

Get Rid of Standing Water 

Mosquitoes breed and thrive near still water. The week of your party, be sure you eliminate any areas of standing water. This includes bird baths, kiddie pools, gutters pots, and more. While this is a preventative measure, it can significantly reduce the breeding of mosquitoes before your party.

Turn on a Fan 

Mosquitoes are a big nuisance, but in reality they are small, weak flyers. Creating even just a small stream of airflow can help keep them at bay. Consider setting up a few box fans where they won’t be obvious. A tabletop fan near food items can be especially helpful. 

Consider Treatment 

At the end of the day, mosquitoes are mosquitoes. They are biting pests that will keep returning, especially in the summertime. Bring together a crowd of people, and mosquitoes will think you are providing them with an all­you­can­eat buffet. If the mosquitoes in your yard are particularly bothersome, consider using a professional mosquito control treatment before your party. This will keep your guests happy, and you focused on entertaining! 


If mosquitos are ruining your time spent outdoors it's time to take action.

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