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4 Tips to Protect Your Home From Unwanted Visitors

Ah, the holiday season is upon us. The time of year when the air gets crisp and cool, the leaves begin to change, and families come together for times of celebration and fun. Unfortunately, your in-laws aren’t the only visitors overstaying their welcome. Fall in Georgia means pests like mice, rats, spiders, and cockroaches are searching for a cozy place to bunker down for the winter.  Here’s a few tips for keeping pests out of your home this fall.

1. Move Debris/Wood Away from Your Home

Termites and other wood destroying insects aren’t the only pests drawn to the neatly stacked piles of firewood waiting to be burned on a cozy November night. Wood and debris provide a safe place for rodents and roaches to hide - and firewood stored near your home gives them an easy way to get inside. Keep firewood and other debris several yards away from your home to ensure that pests seeking refuge can’t easily make their way to your home’s interior. Similarly, keep trees and shrubs trimmed so that nothing touches your home’s exterior. Overgrown bushes and branches act as a bridge for pests. These bridges may allow pests to bypass the exterior treatment your pest professional has applied.

2. Store Food and Trash in Airtight Containers

Pests are looking for two simple things when they’re in your home - food and shelter. Keep that Halloween candy, those Thanksgiving leftovers, and your famous Christmas fudge locked in airtight containers to prevent pests from enjoying a holiday feast. Wipe your kitchen counters clear of crumbs and don’t leave garbage sitting in your kitchen. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink (looking at you, husbands. We know you like to let those hard to clean casserole dishes “soak” for a few hours… or days.. before tending to them) as pests, especially roaches, will be drawn to the food and water for the nourishment they’re looking for. 

3. Seal Cracks and Holes 

Mice and other rodents can fit through incredibly small spaces. A tiny crack in your foundation, the torn piece of weatherstripping on your front door, and even through the plumbing pipes (looking for some nightmare fuel? Check out this video of how a rat can travel through your toilet). Take some time to complete an assessment of your home and fill cracks and holes as necessary, caulking your windows and replacing weatherstripping can also help save a bit of energy by keeping your warm heat inside your home.

4. Regularly Treat Your Home for Pests

When it comes to pest control in Georgia, your safest bet for complete protection from unwanted pests like rodents and roaches is a recurring pest control service. Over the counter DIY methods might be effective for a short period of time, but to get the results you’re looking for you should find a pest control team that you trust. What’s more, over the counter treatments can put you and your family (including your four-legged family members!) at risk if not executed properly. 

These preventative measures should add an extra layer of protection from a fall pest invasion. Don’t let pests overstay their welcome this holiday season! If you have questions, we’re here to help. 

Don't let pests invade your space!

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