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Termite Facts & Figures

Termites are tiny insects, but these bugs can do a number on your home. Termites can do thousands of dollars of damage without you even realizing they are there. Here are some Termite facts and figures that can illustrate just how much damage these insects inflict on homeowners in Georgia and across the United States.

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Georgia Homes are at Significant Risk for Termite Damage

Homeowners often question whether or not their homes are at risk for termite damage. One of the best methods homeowners can use to determine this is to reference the Termite Infestation Probability Map (TIP Zones) that was created by the International Residential Code. According to this map, Georgia is prone to extremely heavy termite activity. Homes in this area are at great risk for termite damage.

Types of Termites Indigenous to Atlanta, Georgia

While there are over 2,000 species of termites worldwide, there are five different groups of termites that can typically be found in America:

  • Dampwood
  • Drywood
  • Formosan
  • Subterranean
  • Conehead

Subterranean and Formosan termites, however, are the most common in Georgia. Formosan termites are typical in the south as they favor the warmer climate. Subterranean termites can be found in just about every state in the US with the exception of Alaska and are considered one of the most destructive groups of termites.

Financial Fallout Caused by Termite Infestations

According to the USDA, termites cause  $5 billion in damage annually in the US. Obviously, this spending is more concentrated in states that are heavily affected by termites. The USDA estimates that Termites damage around 600,000 homes each year. Again, more homes are damaged in areas where termite activity occurs the most.

When it comes to preventing and eliminating termite infestations, you need the help of a pest control professional. 

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