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5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Termite Control

Termites are no joke - they cause millions of dollars of damage to homes every year. If you’re among the bold homeowners considering going it alone against termites - not so fast! It is important you make an informed choice. Here are five reasons to let the professionals take care of your termite control.

1. Knowledge, Tools, and More

Termites require greater involvement than other common household pests. Professionals are not only trained extensively to handle this, but they also have access to highly effective equipment and safe pesticides that are not available to the general public. With training in colony habits, species identification, building layouts, and more, they are uniquely equipped to fight infestations of varying degrees.

2. Safe Application

No matter how eco or family-friendly, a pesticide is still a chemical. Because the typical treatment will require applications throughout your home, it is best to leave the injection of treatments and placement of chemical baits to professionals.

3. Eliminate Hidden Costs

Getting rid of termites involves more than just a bottle of pesticide from your local store. Gallons of liquid pesticide, expensive equipment, and more will be necessary. These costs add up quickly, not to mention the time investment required to employ treatment. A professional termite control treatment has no hidden costs, with a price upfront.

4. Results

Homeowners often make the mistake of using spray or bait treatments to fight only the visible problem. Professionals understand that ridding your home of termites means destroying the entire colony. They will target the source, even in hard-to-reach areas. The most comprehensive plan will also offer regular post-treatment monitoring to make sure the treatment was fully effective.

5. Corollary Prevention

Professionals understand that the ideal termite treatment is prevention, so that these home-eating bugs do not stand a chance in the first place. Custom termite control will include a strategic plan to keep termites out of your home in the long-run, such as a liquid barrier treatment around the exterior of your home.

Keep your home safe from termites for the long term.

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