Get Rid of Fleas in Your Georgia Home

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Fleas are a common problem in Georgia, and if you have them, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. In this blog post, we will discuss the various methods for getting rid of fleas. We will also talk about their causes and what they look like. If you are having trouble getting rid of fleas, don't worry! We will help you out. Keep reading for more information about our flea extermination in Georgia.

What do fleas look like?

Fleas are small, brown creatures that can be found on the body of animals. They often jump, which is how they got their name. If you see a small, brown creature jumping around on your pet, there's a good chance that it's a flea.

Can fleas live on humans??

Fleas can live on humans, but it's not common. They prefer to live on animals because they can feed off of their blood and use them as a host for their eggs. However, if you have pets that go outside often or spend time around other animals who might be carrying fleas, it is possible for those fleas to also use you as a host. 

Will showering get rid of fleas?

Showering alone will not completely remove fleas. However, washing your clothes and bedding in hot water will help minimize your flea infestation for a little while. It will kill a few of the living fleas, but even if only two are left there is the possibility for them to reproduce. 

How long can fleas live for?

Fleas can live for a few months, but they will die if they don't have a host to feed off of. If they're on a human or an animal that is regularly taking flea medication, they might not be able to survive as long. 

How do you know if you have fleas?

Since fleas are so small they can be difficult to spot. Some telltale signs that you have fleas in your Georgia home are:

  • Seeing them jump. 
  • Finding their droppings (which look like black pepper).
  • Noticing that your pet is scratching more than usual.

What do flea bites look like on humans?

Flea bites can look very different depending on the person. They might be red and itchy, or they could just be a small bump. Sometimes people will get a rash from flea bites. 

Are there natural ways to get rid of fleas?

There are some remedies to getting rid of fleas on your own that we've seen work with mild success. Those are:

  • Vacuuming your entire house often (especially areas where your pets hang out).
  • Washing all of your pet's bedding and toys in hot water.
  • Spraying vinegar on your carpets and furniture (test this in an inconspicuous area before doing a full treatment).
  • Putting pennyroyal leaves or lavender oil on yourself and objects around your home.

Is hiring a professional flea control company worth it?

Yes, having professionals come in and treat your home is the fastest and most cost effective way to treat fleas in Georgia. Our team of flea exterminators at Got Bugs and come in and effectively get rid of your fleas in a few short treatments. This will mean you save time and money on ineffective DIY treatments.

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