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Get back outside and enjoy your yard!

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you and your family from enjoying your yard this spring and summer. Let our friendly technicians inspect your property and apply preventative and responsive mosquito treatments before the first bite even has a chance to cause an itch!

Mosquito Control

Let Us Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Mosquitoes are known for their itchy bites, and are often a sign that warm weather has arrived. These pests, however, can do more than just create unsightly bumps--they are also frequent carriers of diseases that can harm your family and even your pets. We know the best way to keep your family safe is to prevent mosquitoes from ever becoming a problem in the first place! Our mosquito reduction treatment aims to destroy the breeding grounds before mosquitoes populate your yard, keeping your family from ever getting a single bite!

Seasonal Mosquito Treatment Plans

Prevention is the key to keeping mosquitoes off your property, and out of your yard. In order to prevent these pests from forcing you inside, you need a consistent, seasonal treatment plan. Our expert technicians will inspect your yard for potential mosquito breeding grounds, and treat them before they become an issue. We will then return regularly to inspect the property and re-treat any areas that could be a potential hazard to your family. Our friendly technicians will walk you through the process and the treatment plan to ensure you and your family remain safe and mosquito bite-free!

Our Mosquito Control Packages

Got Bugs? Ultimate

Get the ultimate protection against pests, termites, and mosquitoesLearn More

Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Plans

Spring and summer in Georgia can offer up some of the most enjoyable weather we see all year round. Get togethers, cook-outs, parties and events are a welcomed addition to our calendars as we get excited to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Our expertly trained technicians know the value of a bug-free party or event, and have designed a treatment plan specifically geared to controlling mosquitoes in the short-term, to ensure mosquitoes stay off the guest list!

We service the following areas in Northern Atlanta:

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Tired of sharing your yard with mosquitoes?

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