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How to Identify Carpenter Ants in Your Home

Carpenter ants are a fairly common species of ants. Since these ants often cause damage to wood, they can commonly be mistaken for termites. Of course, the primary difference between these insects is that termites eat wood and carpenter ants only take shelter in wood. However, the galleries they create can create severe damage to the wood they infest, increasing the necessity for proper prevention and treatment. Residents can detect an infestation of carpenter ants by proper identification of these invasive insects.

Carpenter Ant Identification

The sheer number of species of carpenter ants makes identification difficult. Size and color can vary among the species and individuals in even just one colony. Most carpenter ants measure from 2 to 13 mm in length. These ants can be red, black, yellow, or brown. Although carpenter ants are one of the larger species of ants, size isn’t a reliable feature when it comes to identification since the species size varies widely. In some cases, identification can only be reliably made by pest control professionals. You may need to consult Got Bugs for professional identification of carpenter ants to ensure the correct treatment is being implemented.

Carpenter Ant Swarms

When carpenter ants swarm during mating, the insects are often mistaken for termites. The most important identifying features are:

  • Elbowed antennae
  • Pinched waists
  • Longer front wings

Termite swarms have straight antennae, broad waists, and wings all the same length. However, both pests can present serious problems for your property, so you may need to enlist professional services for pest control. Got Bugs is here to help eliminate both of these pests, whenever you need us!

Locating the carpenter ant nest is primarily the most important part of controlling them. You must follow trails of worker ants to discover clean and smooth areas and slit-like windows dotting the surface of ant-damaged wood. This can be both difficult and time-consuming. The professionals at Got Bugs are equipped to locate a carpenter ant infestation.

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