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10 Rodent Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


Rodents can be quite creepy, especially if they gain access to your home and start scampering about in the dead of night. There’s nothing worse than waking up to an unfamiliar chewing and gnawing noise after watching a scary Halloween horror flick!

Anyone professional exterminator will tell you that rodents are the most common mammal in the United States, and Atlanta is consistently ranked among the top cities for rodent infestations in the country. Knowing this, it’s not a surprise to discover that most homeowners report dealing with a rodent infestation at one time or another. Since these creepy creatures are so common, you may think you know all there is to know about them, but think again. Here are ten fascinating rodent facts you might not already know!

1. Little rodents have big appetites

Despite their diminutive size, mice gorge themselves between 15 and 20 times each day. Because they like to feed frequently, they like to live extremely close to any food sources.

2. Rodents make excellent gymnasts

Despite their diminutive size, mice gorge themselves between 15 and 20 times each day. Because they like to feed frequently, they like to live extremely close to any food sources— some sources including other pests you don’t want hanging around your home like cockroaches and termites.

3. Rodents are exceptional escape artists

A small mouse can squeeze through a hole that is as small as a dime. Exposed utility pipes and other holes are easily accessible by most rodents, despite these holes being extremely small.

4. Rodent lifespans are very short

Although mice can live to be around two years old in captivity, in the wild most mice only live about five months due to predators like owls and snakes.

5. Rodents are dangerous creatures

Rodents are mice are known to carry and spread Hantavirus and salmonella, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, these pests can carry and pass along over 200 pathogens that are dangerous to humans.

6. Some rodents aren’t potty trained

Mice, in particular, don’t confine their toilet activities to a single area. These creatures just go whenever and wherever. Every step they take is potty time.

7. One rodent can quickly turn into more

Rodents can have babies as young as two months of age and can have more every three weeks. This means a single mouse can give birth to as many as 100 offspring in a year!

8. Rodents don’t sweat or vomit

This is one reason why poison is so effective at dispatching these creatures. They can’t rid it from their body because they don’t sweat or vomit!

9. Rodents are excellent swimmers

A rat can tread water for three days, and both mice and rats can survive being flushed down the toilet. They can also reenter the same building via plumbing, so flushing these pests away won’t really work.

10. Rodents are talented travelers

Many rodents enjoy stowing away on ships. Those that take to the sea can be found in almost every country in the world!

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