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Pest Control in Suwanee Starting at $29/Month

It can seem like there’s a pest problem in every corner of your home but doesn’t have to be that way! With eco-friendly pest control in Suwanee and our money-back guarantee, you’ll always be satisfied with services from Got Bugs!

Proven Results

We offer a money back guarantee on all of our pest control services to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our services!

Free Retreatments

We guarantee you'll be satisfied with all of our pest services and results. If pests persist, we'll re-treat your home for free!


We take an eco-friendly approach with all of our pest services so you know your family and the environment stays safe!

I have been a very satisfied, customer for 6 years! I have referred many friends who are equally as happy with their service.


Pest Control in Suwanee

Whether it’s just a small ant, a roach or even a rodent, we understand you want it gone fast. Our friendly technicians go above and beyond to get to know your home, family, and even your pets to ensure that your customized treatment plan reflects your exact needs. We understand every home and situation is unique, so we customize our treatments to meet your home’s individual needs, ensuring long-term protection.

Instantly Save up to $150 on Pest Control in Suwanee!

When you choose Got Bugs for your pest control in Suwanee, you’re choosing a company with strong ties to your community and a passion for personalized service. As part of our promise to keep your home pest-free, we’re now offering you great ways to save money on our pest control services. If you’re looking to protect your home from common invaders, we’re offering $100 off our HealthyHome Protection Package. Are you looking for advanced protection that guards against common pests, termites, and mosquitoes? Look no further than our HealthyHome Protection Premier Package! Sign up today and you can save $150!

HealthyHome Protection

Most Popular

Protect your home from common pests such as ants, roaches, rodents, spiders, and more!


*Initial Fee Applies

HealthyHome Protection Plus

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Protect your home from common household pests, as well as invasive and damaging termites!


*Initial Fee Applies

HealthyHome Protection Premier

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Get the ultimate protection against pests, termites, and mosquitoes.


*Initial Fee Applies

Tri-Annual Inspections and Treatments 

The key to keeping your home pest-free is determining how these bugs were entering, to begin with, and keeping them out! We'll inspect both the interior and exterior perimeter of your home, searching for any possible pest problem or entryway. Our expert pest exterminators in Suwanee will then develop a custom plan, based on your home’s unique structure, to seal up every entryway and eliminate any current pest problem inside or out. We return to inspect and treat your home--guaranteeing it stays safe and pest free, now and in the future!

Protection Against All Pests

Our Marietta pest control approach is customized to your home and guaranteed to keep your family protected from any and all common household pests in the area, including:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Silverfish
  • Centipedes and Millipedes
  • Beetles
  • Mice, rats, black widows, and more!

Whatever your problem, you can rest assured that our friendly exterminators in Suwanee can handle it, and keep your home protected for good! We even offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our services to ensure you are satisfied. 

Don’t wait until your problem becomes an infestation, take a proactive approach today. Explore our different pest control options and find the solution that's right for you!

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Mosquito Control in Suwanee

The professional Suwanee exterminators at Got Bugs know the best way to fight mosquitoes is to prevent them from breeding in the first place. We focus on responsive and preventative treatments for total mosquito control in Suwanee. Here's how our Suwanee mosquito control works:

  • First, we will inspect your home for all possible breeding grounds.
  • From there, we'll target these areas, eliminating all existing adults and eggs.
  • Then, we will keep mosquitoes from returning in your yard with perfectly timed, seasonal treatments. 

Don’t worry - every mosquito treatment in Suwanee is non-invasive and is safe for both your family and pets.

Special Event Mosquito Treatments

At Got Bugs, we know the importance of keeping outdoor spaces comfortable. This is especially important for outdoor parties and special events. That is why we offer custom one-time mosquito treatments in Suwanee in addition to our long-term prevention plans, to ensure you have a pleasant atmosphere, no matter the occasion. You can trust our friendly exterminators in Suwanee to provide you with a personalized, quick, and effective treatment to ensure mosquitoes don’t arrive uninvited to your planned activity.

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Rodent Control in Suwanee

With over 20 years in the industry, we know the most effective methods for rodent control in Suwanee. Once we target the rodents in your home, we won’t stop until we’ve eliminated each and every last rodent. Sometimes this can be difficult to manage because they can adapt quickly, but we’re up to the challenge! Our technicians use the most advanced rodent control techniques and technology in the industry, which includes:

  • Snap traps
  • Glue boards
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques

IPM techniques mean the minimum use of chemicals and harsh treatments so you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety while protecting your home from pests! Here at Got Bugs?, all of our Suwanee rodent treatments are family-friendly, putting the safety of your loved ones first.

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Termite Treatment in Suwanee

We realize that every home is unique, and that is why we offer custom termite treatment in Suwanee to our customers. Your home’s interior, exterior, and wooden structures will be different from your neighbors, which means you need a unique treatment plan to produce the highest level of protection possible. Our technicians always begin with a thorough examination of your property in order to customize applications to your needs and ensure every point of entry is properly barricaded. All of our Suwanee termite treatments include:

  • A thorough termite inspection performed by our local Suwanee exterminators to look for any entry points and ensure that all infested or damaged structures are properly treated.
  • A custom-designed treatment plan based on your home's unique needs.
  • Regular visits and treatments as needed to keep your home termite free!

Save $200 on Termite Treatments in Suwanee

Are termites and pests a problem in your home? Got Bugs can help. Our HealthyHome Protection Plus Package covers both termites and pests for complete protection of your biggest investment. Now, when you sign up with us, you can save $200 on our most popular package! 

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We'll Guarantee a Termite-Free Home

The damage and discomfort that termites can cause is significant. We understand the seriousness of eliminating their risk, and that is why we offer a $1 million guarantee for all qualifying homes. We combine the dedication and experience of our technicians with industry-leading products and 100% customized applications to provide Suwanee with the highest level of protection available.

Bed Bug Treatment in Suwanee

No one wants to hear that they have bed bugs, but it happens! Sometimes you come home from vacation with an extra passenger or two, or maybe they wiggle their way into your backpack. No matter how bed bugs find their way into your home, our team of exterminators is here to kick them out. You can count on our top-notch bed bug treatment in Suwanee to give you the relief you deserve.

How to Know if it’s Bed Bugs

It can be tricky to determine whether or not you have bed bugs; they’re small, prefer to hide, and are normally active while you’re asleep. However, the sooner an infestation is identified, the easier treatment will be. That’s why it’s important to look out for signs such as:

  • Small, red bites on exposed parts of your body, like your hands, arms, and neck.
  • Brown or red stains on your mattress, sheets, or even pillowcases.
  • A strong, musky odor with no identifiable source.


Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs

We know that bed bugs can make sleeping difficult, which is why our bed bug treatments in Suwanee are made to work quickly. With our team of exterminators on your side, bed bugs won’t know what hit them! With our Suwanee bed bug treatments, we will:

  • Give you a free quote, so you know you’re getting the best service for the best price.
  • Perform a comprehensive inspection of your home to search for signs of bed bug activity.
  • Create a treatment plan unique to your home.
  • Eliminate the bed bugs that have been bugging you!

Our team is ready to provide the best bed bug treatment in Suwanee, getting you back to normal as soon as possible.

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