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Our Pest Control Services in Georgia

We can help with even your worst pest problems. Let us tackle the pests while you spend more time with your family and friends. Whether its spiders, termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes or ants, our expert team can get rid of your problem, guaranteed. 

Save Money Today!

Guaranteed Pest Extermination

With our services you can rest assured that we will take care of your problem. We know your time is valuable, so our treatments work to get rid of your problem the first time. If you happen to see a pest back in your home, we’ll come back out and treat it.

We also have great ways you can save on our pest control, be sure to check out all our great pest control coupons today or give us a call at 404-468-2847 to speak to one of our friendly exterminators!

Termite Treatment

We know how much serious damage termites can cause to your home and its foundation. That's why we don't just say our termite protection works: we guarantee it!Learn more

Rodent Control

Atlanta is consistently ranked among the top cities for rodent infestations in the country. Get rid of rodents in your home with our professional rodent control services!Learn more

Mosquito Control

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you and your family from enjoying your yard this spring and summer. We'll inspect your property and apply preventative and responsive mosquito treatments!Learn more

Lawn Care

Whether it’s having an outdoor BBQ, pool party, or just playing catch with the family, you deserve a lawn you can enjoy in every season!Learn more

Flea Treatment

If you’re a pet owner, then you’ve probably had to deal with fleas. Here at Got Bugs, we offer professional flea treatments that will kill each and every last flea in your home.Learn more

In-Wall Pest Control

Get rid of pests at the source with our help. Our in-wall pest control system will target the areas that pests love the most-- inside your walls!Learn more

Pest Control

No one wants to deal with pests in their home, and with help from Got-Bugs, you won't have to! We'll eliminate pests in your home and keep them away for good.Learn more

Bed Bug Treatment

A bed bug infestation isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Bed bugs may seem small and harmless, but these tiny pests can cause a lot of problems due to their itchy bites. Additionally, they...Learn more