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Lasting Protection from Pesky Ants

Ant infestations seemingly happen overnight, leaving you with a kitchen full of unwelcome pests and a pantry full of contaminated food. Rather than spend your time and money on ineffective at-home remedies, trust the expert exterminators here at Got Bugs. Our ant control will swiftly and safely eliminate them from every corner of your home.


Ant Control in Georgia

father holding up his baby while they stand in their ant free kitchen while the mother looks at them.

Spotting a few ants in your kitchen may not be concerning, but chances are your ant problem is worse than you think. A single colony houses thousands of ants and they typically stay out of sight, hiding under appliances, behind walls, and beneath floors. For hassle-free relief, count on our professional ant control.

Custom Ant Treatment for Proven Results

We understand how stressful infestations are, which is why we strive to make removing them as straightforward as possible. With over two decades of experience, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time, despite how intimidating the infestation may seem.

When you partner with us, our exterminators will:

  • Inspect every crack and crevice of your home, scouring for indications of ant activity.
  • Determine what species of ant has invaded your home.
  • Design a custom treatment plan that meets your home’s unique needs.
  • Use the latest products and techniques to eliminate ants, no matter where they’re hiding.
  • Address your questions and concerns throughout the process, keeping you up to date.


Types of Ants in Georgia

Not only do we customize treatment based on your specific needs, but we also take into account the species of ant that’s present. Each species has its own challenges and requires a different form of treatment, which is why proper identification is so important. The four most common ants you’ll encounter are odorous house, pharaoh, pavement, and carpenter.

Odorous House Ants

These ants emit the smell of rotten coconut when they’re crushed, giving them the name of odorous house ants. They contaminate your food while searching for something to eat, nest deep in wall voids or under floorboards, and also bite, making them especially bothersome. DIY treatments are not only ineffective against odorous house ants but can even make the infestation worse.

Pharaoh Ants

Their small size allows pharaoh ants to enter your house through tiny openings, such as gaps between plumbing or electrical wires and your foundation. Pharaoh ants are persistent with large colonies and like to nest in hard-to-reach areas, making them difficult to eliminate on your own. They also carry harmful bacteria that can put you and your loved ones at risk for serious diseases, making professional ant control a necessity.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants get their name from where they live, which is primarily in cracks in pavement and sidewalks, under patio stones, and along driveways. They also often make their way inside in search of food, which can lead to an infestation in your kitchen. In addition to crumbs and trash, pet food also attracts pavement ants both inside and outside of your home.

Carpenter Ants

Homes with moisture problems or water damage are more likely to have carpenter ants as they prefer damp or decaying wood. Much like termites, these ants gradually weaken your home’s wooden supports as they create their tunnels. Unlike termites, however, carpenter ants do not eat the wood and leave behind wood shavings.

Areas We Service

As a locally owned and operated company, we’re proud to provide our neighbors with exceptional ant control in the greater Atlanta area. We work efficiently to reclaim your home from unwanted ants, making these tiny pests a thing of the past. We service the following areas in Georgia:

Don’t worry if you don’t see your town! Click here to view our entire service area map or give us a call at 404-468-2847 to speak with a friendly customer service representative.

Kick ants out for good