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Worried You Have Bed Bugs? Get a Free Inspection Today!

Don’t let bed bugs interrupt your sweet dreams! If you suspect an infestation in your home, now is the time to take action. These pests can spread from room to room very quickly, so if you think you have them, you want to act fast. Get a free inspection today when you contact Got Bugs.


Bed Bug Treatment in Georgia

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A bed bug infestation isn’t something that should be taken lightly. They may seem small and harmless, but these tiny pests can cause a lot of problems due to their itchy bites. Additionally, they are also very difficult to get rid of on your own. They rapidly reproduce, turning a few small bugs into a full-blown infestation in no time. A small outbreak is much easier and cheaper to control, so if you think you might have them, it’s best to act now.

Know the Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Do you think you could be dealing with an infestation, but aren’t quite sure? There are many common indicators that could give you a clue. Signs of an infestation include:

  • Small, itchy, red bumps on the skin
  • Brown/red stains on the sheets or mattress
  • Discarded skin and eggshells
  • Blood spots on sheets or pajamas

Get a Free Bed Bug Inspection Today

The only way to know for sure if you have bed bugs is by scheduling an inspection. Trying to eliminate them on your own with over-the-counter treatments is usually very ineffective, and thus, they end up spreading to several rooms in your home. To save money in the long run, let a professional handle it from the get-go. Contact us today for a free inspection and we will work to eliminate all bed bugs in your home ASAP.


How Do Bed Bug Infestations Happen?

Many people wonder how they even got bed bugs in their homes in the first place. In almost all cases, they were brought into your home from somewhere else. This could be from visiting a hotel or a house that was infected and then bringing them back with you via your luggage and personal belongings. This is why it's so important to always inspect a room before you stay in it.

In rarer cases, bed bugs have even been found in public transportation areas -- such as airports, planes, subways, and buses. They're everywhere!

We Eliminate Bed Bugs in All Stages

Here at Got Bugs?, we offer professional treatments that are proven to be successful. Our thoroughly-trained exterminators use top-of-the-line products to achieve quality results. When you choose us, we will:

  • Send an exterminator to your house to inspect for all signs of activity throughout your home. 
  • Create a custom treatment plan based on our findings, that will eliminate each and every last one.
  • Effectively eliminate all bed bugs in every stage of life, including eggs. We do this in just ONE treatment in ONE day.
  • Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days for ultimate peace of mind. If they return, we will too. 
  • Install preventative measures to make sure they do not return. This includes installing mattress covers!

Get Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Get Complete Relief in Only One Treatment

Got Bugs? doesn't mess around. We've been in the business long enough to know the right bed bug treatments to provide to our customers in Georgia. We have a proven treatment method that allows for us to only have to come out to your home once. That's it! In just one treatment, all bed bugs will be totally eliminated and prevented from terrorizing your home again.

Prevent Bed Bugs from Coming Back

When you are dealing with bed bugs, all you want to do is have them be gone. Long-term, however, you wish for them to stay away as well! Got Bugs? has you covered in both regards since we will inspect your home, provide treatment, and then make sure they don't come back again. We do this by offering mattress covers to be installed after our one-time treatments. Our exterminators will also provide you with education on preventing them from coming back again.


Free Retreatments Within 30 Days

Here at Got Bugs?, we offer the most reliable treatments in Georgia. Our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you see bed bugs within 30 day after we’ve serviced your home, give us a call, and we will return to your home and re-treat for free. When you choose us for your bed bug removal, you can rest assured knowing that we are accountable for the results we provide.

Areas We Service in Atlanta Metro

Got Bugs? is proud to be a locally owned company that cares about our community as much as our customers do. When you partner with us as your pest control company, you will receive warm, friendly customer service from your neighbors. We have offices in Cumming and Alpharetta, but provide our services to the rest of the greater Atlanta metro, which includes:

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